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Advanced Training Structured Approach To Organisational Development

Each AT programme comes with a full certificate of recognition and accomplishment.

These programmes can be tailored to individual or company requirements and presented in client premises or at a location of your own choosing.
The style of delivery for each of the programmes listed can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances in terms of staff availability, restricted time allocation and/or specific client situations relevant to differing industries or market scenarios.


Ideally used as an ‘Introducer’ of ideas and concepts for staff or as a refresher programme for the more experienced.


This format allows of delegates within a limited time frame. Programmes usually run from 3 ½ hours to one day sessions and are jam packed with useful practical tools for improved performance. A combination of lecture, humour and controlled feedback, seminar sessions are specifically designed to maintain interest levels whilst ensuring that teaching points are accepted and corporate objectives are



In addition to giving delegates the necessary information and knowledge in relation the relevant subject, the course format is designed to take specific ideas and areas of expertise and develop them during the programme through detailed coaching and analysis.



Ideally suited for those who regarded personal development as an ongoing process and is usually a combination of the two previous mentioned formats with the added element of ‘spaced coaching’. This has the benefit of ensuring that ideas and techniques are constantly honed until the performance levels required become a constant.


The recommendations often include ‘Trainer Development Skills’ for selected corporate personnel to ensure the continued improvements and realization of training ‘pay off’


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