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The Four Key Areas Of Corporate Communication 3 - 4

Corporate communication is the essence of a Company It involves communication with both internal employees and also externally with customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

The emphasis is on promoting a consistent and coherent corporate identity and image.

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1.  3. Sales Communication

Communication is about getting results. Sales communication is simply the communication between the people in the organisation and the people in a client organisation for the purpose of carrying out a business transaction or an exchange of goods for financial gain. It may be oral, verbal, written etc. but without sales there is no business!!!


Effective Sales Communication is important because any business is ultimately about the bottom line!!! A business will only flourish when all the ‘revenue’ targets of the organization are achieved and profitable sales are made. For this to take place in an organization all the people involved in presenting, selling and negotiating the products or services of an organisation must be able to convey their message professionally, exchange ideas ensuring understanding and secure new business at the optimum fee level. In summary, effective sales communication is imperative.

4. Service Communication

Communication skills are important in every aspect of business – even more so in Customer Service. Research states that 45 percent of a business' revenue rests on the shoulders of quality customer service. A large amount of customer service pertains to human contact and the communication that takes place between a customer and a company representative. As such, customer service communication has become incredibly important to today's businesses, and covers a variety of communication skills.

It is the ability of front line staff, support personnel and all those with Customer contact to communicate information must be clear and accurate with the skills to explain professionally company policies and answer all questions about products or support services whilst translating industry terms or technical information into layman's language..

Customer service is an important essential part of every organisation and the role of communication is of massive importance. Poor communication skills in customer service can result in lower sales, a bad reputation within the particular business sector and can ultimately lead to a hit on profits. In the most damaging of situations it can even bring a company down to where they can no longer exist in business.

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