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The Four Key Areas Of Corporate Communication 1-2

Corporate communication is the essence of a Company and is the method and process of building a corporate brand and championing the cause of a company and its credentials in the marketplace. It involves well-coordinated planned activities and programs to highlight a company's products, services, achievements and where applicable its philanthropy and social development efforts.


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1. Corporate Communication


Corporate communication is important as it helps companies to shape and mould corporate presence, identity and reputation in the minds of customers, important stakeholders and other audiences. Corporate communication initiatives perpetuate the long-term corporate image and brand identity.

A well-managed, sustainable and consistent corporate communication agenda or initiative can reap long-term dividends for a company. Annual shareholder meetings are well-attended, and shareholders feel positive about the long-term prospects and profitability of the company.


Effective Corporate communication is vital. The top management, key business executives and business managers play a highly influential role in shaping the corporate communication agenda of an organisation. They communicate key organizational objectives, environmental obligations, community outreach programs to diverse stakeholders and external audiences boosting an organisation's image and performance. In addition, with strategic and timely corporate communication exercises, it limits the negative fallout of crisis scenarios, corporate missteps, public mistakes or rash public utterances by key executives  

The long-term reputation and legacy of the company generally remains intact despite minor or short-term organizational mishaps or market mistakes. Customers are more prone to be loyal and long-term consumers of the company's products and services.

2. Management Communication


Effective Management Communication is often a key strategic enabler in today's highly competitive business environment. Sensible, thoughtful, consistent and well-articulated communication messages reinforce a positive image about a professionally run, well-managed enterprise or business internally and externally.

Effective Management Communication is important due to being one of the basic functions of management in any organization and its importance cannot be overemphasized. It is the process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization and is required not only for good human relations but also for good and successful business. Effective communication of information and decision is an essential component for management-employee relations and clarifying what results can be expected from them. Research reveals that the higher an employee moves within an organization, the more important communicating skills become


Most of management problems arise because of lack of effective communication. Chances of misunderstanding and misrepresentation can be minimized with proper communication system. Effective Communication is also a basic tool for motivation, which can improve morale of the employees in an organization whilst inappropriate or faulty communication among employees or between manager and his subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work.

The emphasis is on promoting a consistent and

coherent corporate identity and image.


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