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In the dynamic business world of today, employer communication skills can make the difference between business success and business failure. Today's global marketplace is a market of many cultures, languages, customs and traditions. Rising stars on the economic horizon include India, Indonesia, China, and Pakistan and Peru. Businesses both large and small are conducting massive numbers of sales with these economic powerhouses on the Internet as well as the sales office every day. The importance of good customer service, and good communication skills, good sales and management skills will continue to be the hallmark of companies that succeed instead of fail. That is why effective communication in every aspect of corporate life is so essential.

Effective Communication  is of vital importance to a business because it involves all the persons and organizations connected with the business - employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, creditors, debtors - and a whole range of people outside - journalists, television reporters, tax authorities, local government and national government officials, and, indeed, any person or organization throughout the world with which the business has any contact.

Effective communication ensures that all these people and organisations understand the message sent and be more likely to respond favourably Poor communication will have exactly the opposite effect with people confused by the message and less likely to do what the corporate wants.

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The Importance of Effective Communication

The essential ingredient of a successful business is good communication, whether it be formal or informal. Good communication, clarification of roles, clear statement of expectations - all help enhanced organisational performance.

Corporate communication is the essence of a Company and is the method and process of building a corporate brand and championing the cause of a company and its credentials in the marketplace.


It involves well-coordinated planned activities and programs to highlight a company's products, services, achievements and where applicable its philanthropy and social development efforts.


It involves communication with both internal employees and also externally with customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

The emphasis is on promoting a consistent and coherent corporate identity and image.

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