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AT CONSULTANCY is the business development division of the Advanced Training Group specialising in Corporate Performance and Business Efficiency through Strategic Business Analysis

Many businesses, unable to address or even identify those key areas that will make a difference, utilize external advise and expertise by using professional organizations to find and implement solutions to the questions and problems they face-AT CONSULTANCY is that vehicle.

Experience shows that businesses wishing to expand and develop often need additional skills and resources. Equally they recognize the value of utalising experience provided through objective external consultants to maintain their growth in today’s increasingly competitive and changing market places.

This support can be ongoing, to a realistically phased investment plan, helping to monitor achievement of operating targets and long term goals for the improved performance of the client business or provided by way of an initial consultancy assignment and providing a ‘blueprint’ – a strategic business plan for the client company to move forward on.

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Document A Three Month Consultancy Assigneent With The Indonesian Government Regarding Rice Production - For a copy of the documentary video produced please click here

AT CONSULTANCY has recognized the problems that face many businesses large and small are mainly in part through lack of Strategic Planning and Business forecasting. Consequently delivers a unique service which provides exactly the assistance any business requires through support in ten key areas, vital to the successful performance of any business.

AT CONSULTANCY- The role of AT Consultancy is to provide those services and, if required, related Training services to clients in all areas of industry and commerce. AT Consultants are selected for their experience and acknowledged success in a wide range of specialist and professional skills plus their ability to deliver a first class service in supporting clients.

AT CONSULTANCY is in a unique position, with its international standing, resources, expertise and local synergy, to work closely with client companies to gain the most positive results and improvements desired customising any assignment totally to the relevant client needs and, if necessary, up skill client staff to deliver ongoing performance levels and encouraging client independence 

AT CONSULTANCY, with its international standing, resources, expertise and local synergy, works closely with client companies deploying individuals or teams of qualified professionals to work inside client companies. Their objective - to gain the most positive results and improvements by customising any assignment totally to relevant client needs and, if necessary, up skilling client staff

AT CONSULTANTS are deployed individuals or teams of experienced qualified professionals to work inside client companies. They help access, collate and disseminate high quality information across the whole spectrum of business activities helping them to find and implement effective, affordable business solutions. 

Below is a catalogue of planned promotional events for ATG Clients. These events have been planned in association with AT Marketing and are designed to launch Organisations, their products or services into the relevant markets. To have specific details or even attend please request details by clicking here