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Unlimited Expansion Possibilities
In order to fulfill the plans for the expansion of the AT Group of Companies,
Regional businesses will be developed to build on the foundation of the present success.

It has been decided that on the basis of our experience and professional advice we will be offering the Regional businesses as a full license opportunity. The implications of this are bullet pointed.

Our belief is that having established a successful business structure, this proposition is going to offer the most attractive option for success minded people with a desire to move into the lucrative world of Business Consultancy. The task - growing the business successfully under the banner of The A.T. Group

The key points that the license will involve are as follows:-

• The operation of a license is the running an independent business under the title and policies of the licensor – it is normal to create your own company for the statutory legal, tax etc. benefits and to run that as XXXX Ltd trading as AT ______ .

• The cost of the AT Group regional license will be variable, payable over an agreed period – or sooner if trading allows.

• While the business is autonomous and should be adequately funded out of normal trading, by actively participating in the ‘Consultant Development Programme’ the AT Group will provide a contribution to aid the development of new consultants taken on for licensee each month.

• To operate the license, the operating company must have suitable approved offices and be in a position to supply proper administrative support from those offices to enable the consultants to run their business effectively under the AT Group style.

• New consultants will be transferred to the licensee business staying with the regional business

• Each license will run their own calendar and these should be coordinated as a national/international calendar in liaison with AT.

• Corporate clients should be pursued in every region by a central sales team at AT licensee – this team would ideally be a combination of commission only salesmen and selected sales consultants - they will operate as follows:-

• Accreditation of consultants will be carried out in the Regional business by approved accreditors.

• Targets for sales and cash performance for the business will be set in agreement with the licensee based on a full business plan to an agreed format.

• Operational and administrative systems will be used in accordance with the AT Group policy and open at all times to the management of the licensee through AT Group.

• All local literature, letter heads, PR and advertising will be submitted for initial approval to the license AT Group to ensure a common face is put before the client base nationally and internationlly

• Corporate Clients will be developed and managed and delivery of any ‘in company’ work resulting from these courses will be at the discretion of AT but in every case we will make the effort to deliver using the local training consultant