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The current Scenario

To ensure that our own Corporate growth objectives are met, we are constantly seeking individuals who would like to embark on a career as an International Training Consultant

Our typical consultant is an individual that usually has reached a crossroads in their own career – possibly a person who has a corporate background in a specific area of expertise, maybe someone who has reached the pinnacle of their own corporate climb but who still has aspirations of more. An individual who could be facing redundancy or already has been retrenched and is now consigned to the ‘corporate scrap heap’’.

Many, finding the employment door firmly closed have already embarked on a career as an independent consultant and are now wishing to expand their horizons. 

However, by working together, we can capitalize on each other’s strengths. What is now an ‘unemployable individual’ too many is to us a ‘valuable commodity ‘with a virtual store 0of information, knowledge, experience and ability. Match that with our proven systems and techniques and we have a recipe for success.

Training and Consultancy Opportunities

Advanced Training Group is a dynamic training and consultancy company, which puts quality, integrity and client satisfaction first. We work in a highly collaborative way, whereby all consultants enjoy this way of working and value developing long-term business relationships and diverse networks. Each team member is professionally qualified and experienced in their line of expertise.

If you believe you have a speciality that could add value to our business, upload your CV/Profile here. or complete the form below.

Business Opportunities at Advanced Training

Advanced Training Group offers unlimited potential for business minded people who would like to be part of our corporate expansion programme. For those who recognise the potential in the expanding world of Corporate Training and Business Consultancy and like to work independently within in a recognised successful business environment, Advanced Training Group offers  the platform and framework to do so.

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