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Welcome to
AT Group Asia

Improved Corporate Results


and thank you for visiting us.

ATG has one clear objective -
to increase our clients’ business competitiveness.

This is achieved by providing expert advice and effective training
for key management functions at a cost level that is practical.


Clients can then move positively forward in their respective markets
using the advice and training provided by ATG.


Should the need arise ATG can provide an extra resource to assist preparing for the opportunities and challenges that will arise as this 21st Century progresses
Feel free to contact us by email at information@atgroup.org or follow us on:



With operational experience in a wide-range of business areas, our consultants are experienced in all aspects of business that includes: Sales & Marketing, Staffing, Production, Finance, Accounting and Legal. As seasoned practitioners they are experienced in training and consultancy, focusing on increased revenue generation. They have a proven track record across many successful projects as well as exposure to international markets.


Offering consultancy expertise that covers all areas of Industry and commerce, we can deploy individuals or teams of qualified practitioners to operate within the clients company, working closely with our client’s staff or departmental heads.


This approach enables the client company to implement change faster and improve business competitiveness




Our presenters have developed a clear and concise presentation method so delegates can consume new ideas more effectively. We have integrated T.W.I (Transferable Workable Ideas) into our programmes allowing delegates to leave with practical and workable ideas that they can implement and so generate improved results.

In Summary


We offer extensively researched programmes that are presented to large audiences of delegates from around the globe throughout the year as seminars; open workshops and specially tailored in-house company sessions. Constant revision of content enables Advanced Training Group to present effective and relevant information at all times. Research suggests that when delegates are enjoying their training experience they absorb far more information.


We also provide comprehensive consultancy and business advice that covers all aspects of Customer Service, Sales Management, Presentation, Growth and Business Enhancement, which are assessed in a practical manner with solutions that are easily understood and implementable.